Playoffs 2012


May 10, 2012
Subj: PLAYOFFS 2012
We are in the last week of the regular season and the playoffs begin next week. With that in mind, we need to start focusing our attention on the District, Regional, and State Playoffs. We will be fully engaged in the District and Regional Playoffs with all our Schools. In respect to the State Finals, we can expect 2-5 games again this year. The District Playoffs start May 14th and the Regional Playoffs should start May 21st.
  • Between our two regions we expect that games will probably be played every night, so please keep your schedules open.   Assignments will be made via Arbiter, come fast and furious, and may be at the 11th hour so please be patient, supportive, and most of all available. Single games will normally be at 7PM and doubleheaders at 6/8 PM.
  • Here are several reminders about the playoffs:
    • Only certified referees can do playoffs (80% test; attended the state rules clinic; and meet the requirements of CSOA).
    • Player safety and game control are primary concerns of the referee team.
    • Please adhere to the Federation rules in respect to game administration, uniforms, and substitutions.
    • Players and coaches must be held to the highest standards of sportsmanship and unsporting conduct should not be tolerated.   Having said this, please understand that emotions will be running high on the field, on the sidelines, and in the stands. Work with the players, coaches and game administrators in this respect and please let the players decide the outcome of the game.
    • All games must have a winner; therefore, the following procedures will be used to break a tie. First two five-minute overtimes played to completion. Second, two five-minute sudden death overtimes - first score ends the game. Third - Penalty kick tie breaker - Coaches designate 5 kickers to alternate kicks (these five players can kick in any order as long as five different players kick) - if still tied after five kicks, we go to one on one SD kicks - coaches again designate five kickers  (NOTE THESE CAN BE THE SAME FIVE KICKERS AS THE FIRST GROUP AND AGAIN CAN KICK IN ANY ORDER) FIRST TEAM TO GAIN A ONE GOAL ADVANTAGE WINS. (This is different than the NFHS rulebook as per VHSL coach’s decision) Note: Red Carded players CANNOT participate in the kicks.
    • Submit game reports for all games ASAP. All red cards need to be reported immediately in case there is an appeal. Contact your partners, look sharp, and be the best team on the field.
  • Be firm, fair, and consistent in your decisions on the field. Be proactive and use your best man management and preventive refereeing techniques to make the game flow smoothly.  Work hard to keep players in the game.
  • Make sure that if you eject someone, you notify the coach at the time of the ejection and help game administrators or Activities Directors with questions.   No one should leave the game in doubt whether or not an ejection has taken place! 
  • Weather – Weather can be a factor at this time of year, and we need to take it into consideration.   Due to the limited time frame for District and Regional playoffs, we will need to try and get the games in. Work closely with the game administrators in this respect, but keep in mind that player safety is the key factor.   Games suspended prior to half-time will be picked up from where they ended. Games that reach half-time will be considered completed games, if there is a winner.   Games tied after half-time, will be picked up from the point the game was suspended.  We will let the District and Regional Tournament Directors sort this issue out.
  • OFFICIAL TIME – Make sure everyone understands where the official time will be kept for the game prior to the start of the game!
Best of luck in the playoffs and thanks for the hard work during the season.
V/r The Commish ( or WK –703- 784-9165