Commissioner Corner

Notification of Cards and Official Time

April 22, 2004
a. Notification of Cards - Please remember that Referees are required to notify both coaches of cards when they are issued. Once you issue a card, please make sure the coaches know what the card is for and insure the player(s) leave the field of play. We had a recent incident where a card was shown, the coaches were NOT notified, and the player did NOT leave the field of play.
b. Official Time - The NFHS rule book states that whenever possible the stadium clock should be the "official" clock. However, many schools prefer the referee keep the time on the field. Regardless of which option is being used, the referee team must make sure that both coaches know how time will be kept. Furthermore, everyone needs to know how much stoppage time needs to be accounted for at the end of each half and in the overtime periods, especially if there has been a significant number of goals, misconducts, or injuries. Good communication between the referees and the coaches will help prevent any perceptions about too much or too little stoppage time.