VHSL Information About Refereeing Soccer Matches

Here is information that VHSL has provided about refereeing soccer matches:

Officials jurisdiction - April 22, 2014

Use of cards - April 25, 2013

2017 Clinic - Training Materials
POE and Addendum for 2017:
2014 Clinic - Training Materials
Points of Emphasis and Addendum for 2014:

Clinic Agenda

Management of the Events - Kevin Newmeyer, CSOA VP for Assessments

FIFA 11+, A Complete Warm-Up - Richard Cote Jr., CSOA President

The Two-Men System -  Bob Heyer & Thomas Pettigrew

Assignor Update - Miles Kara, CSOA Assignor

Refereeing Lessons Learned - Pete Stenner, CSOA Commissioner of Officials

2010 Clinic - Points of Emphasis and Other Materials
Certification Form
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