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Update per Assignor Message 8/25/15: "One important change.  Use modified FIFA rules (liberal substitution) for all BOYS VARSITY NONCONFERENCE games involving Ireton, O'Connell or Paul VI, versus Flint Hill, Potomac, Episcopal, or St Stephens/Agnes. These are VISAA games that count for seeding for the state tournament.  So, even if the game is at a WCAC school that normally uses NFHS rules go with FIFA.  I discussed this at the WCAC coaches pre-season meeting and there should be no issue.  However, as we do for all pre-game conferences with coaches, get the rules of the match agreed upon before you start."

Update per Assignor Message 8/31/15: "Oakcrest plays NFHS RULES, at all levels, and OT at all levels.  Overtime for Varsity: 2, 5 minute golden goal.  During the tournament ONLY after the 2-5 minute OT, if the teams are tied, they will go to PKs to determine a winner. JV & MS also follow these OT rules."

Each of the private leagues has slightly different rules; it is important that you know the variations. In those cases where teams from two different leagues are playing, go with the home school’s rules. Always make sure that the coaches understand the rules being used before the game begins. If the coaches cannot agree then use NHSF/VHSL rules. 

WCAC (Washington Catholic Athletic Conference) The WCAC uses NHSF rules, no overtime. Bishop Ireton (Alexandria) and Bishop O’Connell (Arlington) play at 4 and 5:45, varsity first. Paul VI (Fairfax) plays at 5 and 6:45, JV first. Paul VI is the only school that plays evening games. All other schools in all leagues play afternoon games.

IAC (Independent Athletic Conference) The IAC (boys only league) uses modified FIFA rules with two 10-minute OT, if needed, not sudden victory. Substitution on throw-ins is by possession team, only, otherwise similar to USSF. We officiate two schools in the IAC, Episcopal and St. Stephens/Agnes (both in Alexandria and close to each other).
MAC (Mid-Atlantic Athletic Conference) The MAC (boys only league) also uses modified FIFA rules with two 10-minute OT, if needed, golden goal. Substitution is the same as for the IAC. We officiate two schools in the MAC, Potomac (Langley) and Flint Hill (Oakton).
ISL (Independent School League) The ISL (girls only league) also uses modified FIFA rules with two 5-minute OT, if needed, not sudden victory. Substitution is the same as for the IAC and MAC. We officiate five schools in the ISL, Episcopal, St Stephens/Agnes, Potomac, Flint Hill, and Madeira (Great Falls).
NVIAC (Northern Virginia Independent Athletic Conference) The NVIAC (boys play in fall, girls in spring) uses NHSF/VHSL rules, with no OT. Some schools use public fields and have constrained playing time. On public fields, coaches may ask for 35-minute halves; otherwise 40-minute. We officiate Trinity Christian, Fairfax Christian, Christ Chapel (Howison), Fairfax Home Schoolers (South Run), Word of Life (South Run) and HEARTS Home Schoolers Lake Fairfax). The NVIAC also runs a Middle School league; 30-minute halves, NHSF/VHSL, no OT. Virginia Academy (Ashburn) is part of the middle school program.
DAC (Delaney Athletic Conference) The DAC uses modified FIFA, no OT. We officiate three DAC schools; Highland (Warrenton), Seton (Valley View) and Emmanuel Christian (Manassas). Highland and Seton also field middle school teams; Seton plays at Nokesville. Both may also field JV teams on occasion; Seton JV plays at Nokesville.
Pope John Paul the Great (Dumfries) Pope John is a new school with a developing program; they mostly play a mix of NVIAC and DAC teams. Pope John uses NHSF/VHSL rules with no OT.
Middle Schools
In addition to the middle school programs mentioned above, Flint Hill, Potomac, and St Stephens/Agnes also have such programs. Use modified-FIFA, with no overtime. 30-minute halves.
Prince Williams County (boys in fall, girls in spring). We use NHSF/VHSL for all public school programs, 30-minute halves with 2x5 OT, no sudden victory. The start time is now 5pm. However, always be prepared to start these games earlier if the coaches so request. We provide officials for all but three Prince William middle schools.
Arlington County (boys and girls play in fall). As with Prince William, use NHSF/VHSL rules, 25-minute halves with no OT. All games start at 3:15.
Others. We provide officials for Linton Hall (Bristow), St John Academy (McLean), Langley School (Langley) and Aquinas (Tyrell Park). Use NHSF/VHSL rules, no OT, 30-minute halves, except some Langley School games may be 25-minute halves; check with the coaches.
In addition to their regular league affiliations the following schools also participate in VISAA and compete for the state championship:  Bishop Ireton, Bishop O’Connell, Paul VI, Pope John Paul the Great, Flint Hill, Episcopal, St Stephens/Agnes, Potomac School, Highland and Seton (Manassas). Play-in and QF games are played at the higher seed.  SF and Finals are played in Richmond.  The state tournament typically takes place the first two weeks in November.


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 Here is a link to the Washington Post online All Met Sports page.  The schedules, results and standings sections are dependent on information phoned in from contacts at each school and may not be current.  

Here is a link from the photo gallery for the WCAC boys final at the Soccerplex Sunday evening, Nov 6, 2011.  CSOA officiated the game and the picture shows the center, Chris Serrano, keeping up with play

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